On-line Subscription to 12 Presentations (downloads)

Do you feel overwhelmed in daily life; are you often mentally and emotionally drained; are you worried about unexplainable symptoms or are you confused i.e. about what to do or not?

If you have been searching for a healthy approach to healthy living, these presentations are for you! Understanding the root cause of your personal issues is the first major step in healing yourself, as it gives you the clarity and confidence you need to move ahead.


Duration: The on-line sessions are between 20-35 minutes long depending on the theme.

Procedure: 1. After your (first) payment you will receive the first video;

2. Every week you’ll receive a new video, so you can watch it at your own convenience and time;

3. We kindly ask you to not redistribute the videos to friends and family, but keep them for yourself;


(1) Food for Life;

(2) Nutrients;

(3) Energetics;

(4) Whole Foods;

(5) The Alkaline Cure;

(6) Use Your Brain;

(7) Healing the Gut;

(8) Reverse Ageing Inside Out;

(9) Reverse Ageing Ouside In;

(10) Altered Food;

(11) Use Your Sense(s);

(12) Breakthrough Weight Loss.

You will receive:

1. Booklet: ‘It’s Health That is the New Wealth’;

2. The weekly video (12; 1 each week);

3. 10% discount on all products on the www.essence4life.net website.

€185 or 2 monthly installments of €93 )

90-day Personal Weight Loss Management Challenge (13 sessions)

Carrying around too much weight not only feels uncomfortable, but it may be damaging to your health as well. Obesity rates have skyrocketed in the world in recent years. At first, it deemed to be a US problem with its fast food culture, but nowadays the UK and other parts of Europe suffer from the same issue. Obesity can lead to a number of serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some types of cancer.

One method that can help a person lose weight is to limit the number of calories taken in through their diet. The other way is to burn extra calories with exercise. As a technique it is that simple; but for many people suffering from obesitas it is a result of a deep dissatisfaction with their life, and not knowing how to get out of that hole. By the way, Janette’s programme does NOT require you to purchase any diet meals or any other health products for that matter.


Duration: These weekly on-line counseling sessions are spread over a period of 12 weeks; the first two weeks take place twice a week, followed by one session a week in the weeks thereafter (all by appointment only). In the last 2 months there are 2 bi-monthly sessions with a total of 13 sessions;

Procedure: 1. After your (first) payment you will receive a log-in name and a password that gives access your own private page on our website. Here your tasks are outlined and progress data are saved;

2. For most adults, the ideal body composition index is what really counts. This is different than the BMI measures that other weight consultants often use. It is not about losing weight, but geting a lower dress size;

3. By joint agreement the sessions are planned at least two weeks ahead of time;

4. You are responsible for taking your own reliable weight measurements and all the tasks and data are stored on your private page, which is secured by your own login-name and password on our website;

5. If you follow the programme well and stick to your tasks, you should see results within 90-days AND you will have the tools to maintain that new dress size. Quick weight losses almost always lead to gaining weight fast thereafter. So, be patient, give your body and mind time to adjust to these new routines and stick to your guns!


This programme leads you to finding your inner freedom through food, and you will start feeling immensely proud as you see the results by gaining the skills and knowledge you need to gain self-empowerment. Food no longer becomes your enemy, but your friend! Finding your freedom through eating healthy food is ultimately a deep journey of self-love.

You will receive:

1. Booklet: ‘Health is the New Wealth;;

2. 4 videos with the theory behind why people use food as a crutch;

3. 7 hours of on-line sessions with Janette over a period of 90 days;

4. 10% discount on all products on the www.essence4life.net website

€650 or 3 monthly installments of €217

One-on-One Health Counselling

Would you just like to talk to someone about your health challenges in live, but like to keep it private? Then Janette might be a good choice for you; Since 2011 she is a certified health consultant with INN in New York and a licensed weight loss consultant in the Netherlands where she currently resides with her family (born and raised in Dublin Ireland). She is not only a good listener, but will help you to see things more clearly and ask you open-ended qustions about your goals end desires in life. During this process you and he will get to know one another well and her advise and counselling is therefore always ‘personally made to measure’; and does not come out of cookie jar.


Duration: 60 minutes for each on-line session

Procedure: 1. Intake session (please fill out the questionnaire first);

2. Follow -up session after which you may decide to continue or stop;

3. Or buy the 3 module package at €225 (at a €50 euro discount) with a possibility to pay in 3 monthly installments;

Content: Based upon your answers in the questionnaire Janette will try to identify the root cause(s) of your personal health issues. You will learn how to best move forward with a personalised healing programme with a step-by-step approach, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

You will receive:

1. Booklet: ‘It’s Health That Is the New Wealth!;

2. Initial consultation session;

3. Follow-up session(s); you may stop the sessions at any time if you wish;

4. A Plan of Action Report with a summary of relevant and personally oriented tasks;

5. A feedback session (30 minutes) at any later date, if you wish;

6. 10% discount on all products on the www.essence4life.net website.

€225 or 3 monthly installments of €75

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