Through our Bio-Resonance Test we can show you the path to self-healing

by adopting a healthier lifestyle and improving your diet and eating habits for instance.

In Ireland, an average of 57% of the population has

at least one chronic disease or condition that developed after childhood.

Over 94% of these chronic health complaints are significantly impacting daily life.

While many of these conditions are just plain bothersome; they often

do not require medical assistance and can easily be dealt with at home.

For instance, if you suffer from...:

● Fatigue

● Intestinal - and skin complaints

● Lung complaints

● Muscle and joint complaints

● Emotional problems and depression

● Weight management issues or

● Vague unexplained complaints

The results show that it works:

● In 2021 18% of the participants, while abiding by the health protocol, experienced

improvement in increased energy levels or weight reduction after just 1 month.

● 41.6% experienced this after 2 months and  

● 92.9% experienced lasting improvement after 4 months

If you interested to get to know more please  read the information boxes below;

or call Janette Derham, Licensed Integrated Nutritional Health Coach

at +31 618900900 or send her an email to

If you register before April 30th 2023, you will receive Janette's book 'Health Is the New Wealth' (.pdf) free of charge!

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What Is a Bioresonance Test Exactly?

The Bioresonance test is used to acquire valuable data concerning the state of your health. IT IS NOT AN ALTERNATIVE TO REGULAR MEDICAL CARE, NOR IS IT USED IT AS AN ALTERNATIVE THERAPY FOR SELF HEALING. It focuses on the electromagnetic aspect of the body, because humans do not only have a physical nervous system, but also electromagnetic energy pathways, invisible to the naked eye.

These are called meridians.

The data from the test often pinpoint areas of concern and can be used by the health coach to suggest a health protocol to minimize complaints. These can be changes in diet or life style for instance.

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How Does It Work?

Bioresonance is based on the idea that unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves due to DNA damage. 

To use bioresonance, electrodes are placed on the skin and hooked up to a unit that “reads” the energy wavelengths coming from the body. This process of diagnosis is then reported through a detailed report which is used by the Integral Health Coach to interpret - and suggest a therapy protocol. AGAIN, BIO RESONANCE IS A MEANS TO MEASURE THE STATE OF YOUR HEALTH AND THE TEST SESSION IS NOT A THERAPY FOR CURING HEALTH ISSUES.

In case of ongoing health complaints we strongly advise you to seek medical help with your GP or internist.

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How Effective Is the Test in Determining a Health Protocol?

The Bioresonance Test is purported to diagnose and used to suggest a treatment therapy for a number of health-related conditions. These could include:

From our own experience (data from 2021) we found that about 17.4 % of the participants who did a test and followed the suggested protocol in their diet or life style experienced positive results. Most of the participants that stuck with the protocol experienced long lasting results after 4 months.

Click Here to Download the Questionnaire...
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Are There Any Risks or Side Effects Associated With Taking the Test or Following the Protocol?

There are no known risks - or side effects - because the electromagnetic pulses are of a low frequency and not harmful to the body. The protocol from the coach is of course free to follow by the participant. The biggest risk is if participants refrain from seeking medical help if health complaints persist.

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What Is the Procedure to Get a Test Done, Followed by a Protocol?

These are the steps to take:

  1. Please send us your completely filled out registration form (or fill out the questionnaire), so Janette my call you to make your acquaintance (please use the registration form below). By doing so you do not commit yourself to any purchase and there is no registration fee;
  2. If you decide to take the test, Janette will ask you to fill out an on-line questionnaire, giving her detailed information on the state of your health and she will confer with you to schedule an intake consultation (click here to see the questionnaire);
  3. The test will be carried out at the consultation location or at a location of your choice (travel expenses will be charged extra);
  4. The intake consultation and the test will take about 1 hour or so;
  5. Janette will send you a detailed report plus a suggested protocol to start improving your health:
  6. If you so desire, you may ask for a follow-up session(s), which is the choice most participants prefer. This may take place via Zoom to eliminate travel time and travel expenses.
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Who Is Your Coach?

Janette Derham is born in Dublin, Rep. of Ireland. She lives in the Netherlands with her family, but also resides half the time in Skerries. She therefore has Dutch, but also Irish clientele and schedules them accordingly by location. She has a (and is):

  • Bachelors’ Degree in Food Technology (College of Technology, Dublin);
  • Accredited and Certified Integrative Nutritional Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, USA;
  • Accredited and Certified Health and Wellness Coach at the Institute of Wellness (CCE) (Netherlands);
  • Accredited and Certified Weight Loss Consultant with University of Applied Science NTI (Netherlands);
  • Laboratory Technician at Diageo, Dublin, Ireland (until 1985);
  • English teacher at the University of Applied Science (Business School) of Arnhem en Nijmegen, the Neth. (until 2018)

What Is the Cost?

  • All prices include 21% VAT;
  • Registration is free of charge and you do not commit to anything when registering;
  • There is no charge for filling out the on-line questionaire;
  • Intake consultation and test together, including the report and the personal protocol: €179;
  • Follow-up consultation via Zoom, if so desired: €59 per consult;
  • If the test is done at a location of your choice, there will be a charge of €0,29 per kilometer. This includes driving time;
  • The report and protocol will be send to you within two weeks by email in .pdf format.

What Does a Typical Report or Protocol Look Like?

If you are curious to see an example of a typical report, we have included an example from one of our participants who remains anonymous of course. Click here to download a free sample. Please note that this is only the report of the scan without Janette’s personalized explanation and protocol.

Example Bio Feedback Scan Report

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