Would you like to end the fretting and cycle of endless rumination in your mind, so you can enjoy a restful night or an afternoon siesta for instance?

The PSiO technology has been around now for over 20 years and combines light and sound to slow down the brain activity by projecting light and sound simultaneously inside of the glasses in different rhytms and pulses.

And you can enjoy it all with your eyes open or closed!

There are more than 200 sound audio/light programs available, with or without 'voice over', to sublimate the experience, depending on the session goal.

What a delightfull way for taking a power nap in the afternoon, to meditat  or just relax. But you may also use it to gain energy right after you wake up, without the side effects of caffeine!


The PSiO is a light-stimulation instrument equipped with a MP3 player, to project sound and light shows simultaneously. 

The sound programmes all have a theme, depending on the session goal. and are accompanied by relaxing voices and beautiful musical segments,. With the purchase of the glasses you will recieve 7 programmes and it is possible to buy some more packages at a reasonable price. 

For instance:

  • ’an early miorning wake up call to release energy
  • in the afternoon for a power nap In the evening hours. 
  • Before you go to sleep to quiet down the discord in your mind and tor drive the production of melatonin (the so-called sleep hormone).

Before you place your order, we recommend you try it out first and ask for a free demonstration without any obligation. To do so write us an email please (scroll down in this page).

Cart €490incl. BTW


To create a combination between sound and light, PSio follows a protocol of:

soft voices, sympathy, warmth, emotion, intention and conviction. 


To create a deep sense of relaxation you need quiet surroundings free of disturbances and a pleasant room temperature (because your heart rate will slow down with the relaxing programmes). Switch your cellular phone to ‘not disturb’, and sit or lay down in a comfortable position. You will wake up refreshed after the session has ended. 

There are more than 200 programmes available, varying in length from 4-20 minutes :

  • Learn to focus better
  • Raise your concentration levels
  • Get more energy
  • Create a relaxed mood
  • Encourage weight loss
  • Lower your heart rate
  • Become stronger mentally
  • Just relax
  • Ease yourself into falling asleep
  • Stress Management
  • Time management
  • Deal with trauma
  • Fight addiction (stop smoking, drinking etc.)
  • Raise self-consciousness levels

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