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Would you not love to enjoy fresh, soft, natural and delicious tasting water the way nature intended? Without impurities , metals, chlorine, dissolved medicine and other such materials?

Then the SAqua water filters are just the ticket!

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Are you or your children suffering from asthma, shortage of breath or allergies? Would you like some extra protection against Corona? Our Air Purifiers remove almost 100% of airborne bacteria, viruses , molds, smells and dust out of the air.

Then the PureAir purifiers are just for you!

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Would you like to enjoy a restful night without constant worries milling around in your mind, or would you like a power nap in the afternoon?

Then the PSiO glasses are an outcome for you!

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Essence4Life mi.VitD3 is a biological form of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and can support healthy bone structure, cardiovascular function and immune response.

It is also a micellar product that accelerates and increases absorption into the bloodstream.

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Unfortunately I am very ill and have to take a lot of medication. With the PSiO glasses I sleep again as I used to, no more terrible night mares and no more moments of suddenly dozing off in the afternoon


We tried the PureAir50 for getting rid of the cooking smells in our kitchen and I must say; we are so happy with it that now we are going to try the Solo in combination with our mouth caps!

Willy V.

Well, I guess you are right with the waterfilters! The coffee tastes so much better and now I don’t have to buy these expensive coffee cups anymore to give my coffee some flavour at least! We enjoy it very much and we also drink the water because it is good for us!

Lynda S.

You asked me to say something about the PSiO. I am a weight consultant and use the PSiO with my patients to find out what the source is of their problem. I experience that they find peace with it, relax and talk more freely about their trauma’s. A great tool for me!

Maud Engelsberg



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