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… born and raised in the Republic of Ireland; now living with my family in the Netherlands since 1992.  I graduated as an Integrative Nutritional Coach at INN in New York and soon began to realize that in addition to a healthy diet, the quality of air, water and mind also plays a very important role in human health. After obtaining a certificate as a weight consultant in the Netherlands, I decided to look for products that meet my high quality and functionality requirements and then recommend them to my customers. This became so successful that I decided to buy these products wholesale in order to sell them affordably at a modest margin.

The vision of E4L is simple; sharing our extensive knowledge and experience with others so that they too may experience the benefit and enjoyment of it. I believe unconditionally in 'caring and sharing'...



Are you bothered by asthma, shortness of breath or allergies with you and your children? Would you like extra protection against virusess such as Covid 19? Our air purifiers eliminate almost 100% of germs and viruses out of the air, incl. dust, nasty smells, moulds, particulate matter en volatile organic compounds.

If you are; then get yourself a PureAir purifier! We have them in many sizes for all sorts of areas.

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For example, our fast runner is Beyuna D3 a biological form of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) that can support healthy bone structure, cardiovascular function and immune response. Made from lichen and alfalfa herb. Lichen is a natural source of vitamin D3. 

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If you just want healthy, fresh natural water in your home and enjoy the real taste of a cup of tea or coffee without aftertaste? Then you need to try out our Aqualine purifiers! We have them in all different sizes on or below your kitchen counter, with or without a glass reservoir. The undercounter version of the SAqua can even be outfitted with a special three-way tap!

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You know how stressfull life can be; certainly in times like these where everything seems 'out of wack'. It often results in interrupted sleep cycles, constant worries and, if you are not careful, even physical ailments. So stop the worries and rumifications in your head and try out our wonderful PSiO glasses with light and sound relaxation and stimulation. Soon you’ll find rest again, enjoy a refreshing sleep or even energize yourself in the morning!

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A Modest Beginning

Janette registers with the Chamber of Commerce and starts a one-woman business on a modest scale with the sale of air purifiers and water filters. For water she chooses the brand Aqualine and for air purification the Fresh Airs from GreenTech. Aqualine fllters use a natural method like nature does at a waterfall and minerals are added to the water. So it is 'real' and 'living' fresh water. It also filters about 99% of all dissolved medicinal substances or plasticizers etc. from the tap water. Greentech devices purify the air of viruses, bacteria, fungi and nasty smells by means of ionization incl. a choice to add disinfectant ozone. The latter is a natural method and the reason why the air smells so fresh after a thunderstorm. GreenTech is filterless and therefore cannot 'fill up' with harmful substances.

MARCH 2011

Affiliation with Essence4Life in the UK

Janette is being introduced to E4L, a UK company, which sells an extensive line of natural supplements made by Swiss PharmaCan with the patented MyCell Technology®. This micellarization process provides a high rate of absorption in the body and maximizes supplemental function. So one needs fewer supplements for the same effect with chemically produced alternatives. In 2018, Swiss PharmaCan received the highest award in the pharmaceutical industry: the World Formulation Award. Janette gets a seat on the board of E4L, provides all the on-line training and also expands the product line of her own company with these supplements. She becomes an independent ‘affiliate’ and changes her company name to Essence4Life.net.

JULY 2015

More Expansion

The next logical step for Janette is to expand the activities to the Republic of Ireland; the land of her birth. From that moment on, the website is bilingual, so that potential customers can view and order the products in their own language. England remains the domain of E4L UK, but as an 'affiliate' she obtains the exclusive rights for the Netherlands and Belgium. The Corona crisis is causing an increase in product sales over the internet. She ends her duties as a coach and consultant because of possible partiality in her coaching advice. Of course, she now uses her knowledge to better profile the products. From now on Eduard will handle all 'behind the scenes' activities as the PA for Janette.


Belgium and France... Here We Come!

Janette decides to further expand into the Dutch speaking part of Belgium and soon also the French speaking part follows. Guy becomes ambassador and reseller of Essence4Life products there. The website now also gets a French version and perhaps opens up more sales opportunities in France. Due to the increase in volume, some prices are now reduced and new products are added; i.e. the relaxation and energizing glasses of PSiO find a place in the range, because many customers suffer from stress and fatigue due to the Corona aftermath.


…like to become a reseller of Janette’s product line? For a small one-time fee we provide you with a super modern website under your own company name with E-Commerce functionality plus you will receive a 15-30% commission for all E4L products you sell. You can also decide to sell parts of the product line, e.g. just the water filters.

If you are interested, please call Eduard for an informative conversation on +31 624398660 or send an email.

Of course not everybody can just become a reseller without meeting some qualifications, but we will explain to you exactly what it all entails.


Janette BBa


Eduard MEd

Educative- ICT support and admin. For any question call +31624398660 or send an email to info@essence4life.net (scroll down below).


Dutch speaking Belgium

+32 474 25 61 49


I have been ill for quite soe time and still use a lot of medication. Thanks to the PSiO glasses I fall aseep easily again, don’t wake up in the middle of the night, have no more night mares and don;’t doze off anymore in the afternoon. I am happy and so is my spouse!


Last year we purchased the PureAir 50 for my daughters’ room and she is so happy with it we will now buy one for our kitchen! Maybe we try out the Solo; does it really help with viruses? E4L answer: The Solo creates a clean air space around mouth and nose. But since you move around it will reduce these contaminants, but it is no guaranty for never getting ill again. See it as an added protection...

Bill V.

You guys are absolutely right; our water tastes so much better. Soft and ‘sweet’ . We now enjoy our broad section of all kinds of coffees and teas! Plus we drink healty glasses of fresh natural water during the day!

Lynda S.

Janette, you asked me to say something about your E4L supplements. I am a Weight Reduction Coach and I know that most of my customers lack nutrients in their diet. So while they are in te process of loosing weight I prescribe the supplements. They seem expensive at first; but you need so much less that the store-bought variety that it is well worth it. Furthermore, I see the effect it has on them. Eczema’s complaints become less or disappear all together; their overall resistance improves and they suffer less from aches and pains. I would certainly recommend your supplements to anyone who read this.

Maud Engelsberg

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